Immersion heaters and cylinders

Immersion heaters & cylinders

If your cylinder starts to show signs of leaking phone us immediately. Sometimes these units will leak slowly over a period of time and sometimes they can just go leaving your airing cupboard in a very sorry state of affairs. Phone us and before you know it we can have your old cylinder out and a new cylinder in with the minimum amount of fuss or mess.

If you are no longer getting hot water from your cylinder then it’s more than likely that you need a new immersion. It always helps us to know whether you have a top or bottom entry immersion so that we can come armed with the right replacement. To find out which you have just follow the wiring from the plug in the wall, if it goes to the top then you have a top entry, to the bottom it’s a bottom entry. We can get your new immersion fitted quickly and efficiently so you can don’t have to miss out on that nice hot bath or shower.

Phone us today on 01202 723283 or leave a message on our contact page. Our efficient and friendly office staff will be pleased to give you a timed appointment for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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